Meet the Team

  • Edward Stallard

    Managing Director
    I have worked for A&E since 1998 and I lead the team. Every working day I ensure my team delivers the complete service that our customers require. We listen to our customers and our employees to continually improve our service.

  • Vicky Gabb

    Customer Services Manager
    Business Development and Customer Service is of paramount importance to A&E. I have the dedicated responsibility for improving our quality of work and to increase the overall level of service that we provide. We strive to provide a consistently high level of service to every customer, every time.

  • James Kear

    Installation & Projects Coordinator
    We aim to deliver installations and projects that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. I provide our engineers support by ensuring they are organised have the right equipment, CAD plans and tools to complete the projects to the standards we expect.

  • Marcus Diggines

    Operations Manager
    We provide a safety equipment maintenance and call out service, 24 hours a day 365 days a year which I ensure my team delivers. As well as a regular service schedule, we ensure that we will be with you within two hours in the event of an emergency whatever the time of day or night you call. We hope that you never have a fire, but if you do, we will ensure your equipment works correctly when it is has to, saving people and buildings from harm.

  • Tom Stallard

    Fire Risk Assessment & Training Manager
    It’s satisfying to see progress from our first meeting with a new customer, discussing and assessing their current situation and then working positively with them to improve their fire and security. It is also tremendously satisfying that if an unfortunate incident does occur that our work has contributed to protecting that customer and their people from harm.

  • Miles Dixon

    Office & HR Manager
    I love working for a company that really enjoys looking after its customers. This enjoyment is essential to provide the high level of customer service we do at all times of the day. I am happy to speak to our customers knowing that I am able to help them with any request they have because of the excellent team of people I work with.

  • John Marley

    Security & Installations Manager
    I have been installing and maintaining quality security and fire systems for over 25 years for both domestic and commercial customers. With the latest wired and wireless technology, why not contact us for a tailored package to your requirements. Whether you are looking for a simple alarm or a commercial integrated system with fire, access and intruder, we will be delighted to hear from you.

  • Jackie Gautrey

    Accounts and Office Coordinator
    No matter what type of customer we work with, commercial, domestic, local authority, charities or education we have a flexible administration and record keeping system that suits any requirement. Our certification both electronic and paperwork means our customers can rely on us for any support or assistance they need.
  • Zoe

    Zoe Mitcheson

    Customer Service Coordinator
    Being the first point of contact for many of our customers, I feel that good and consistent Customer Service is a very important part of my role. Efficient and effective service is paramount to ensure our Customer safety and satisfaction at all times.

  • Dave Taylor

    Installation Engineer
    We go the extra mile to ensure that our hard wired installations can be compared with wireless installations. Instead of running surface cables our installation teams will take the extra time to route the cable underneath floorboards, behind walls or through voids so that the customer is not left with any unsightly cables.

  • Jordan Montgomery

    Service Engineer
    I joined A&E as a trainee engineer and have received all the necessary training and qualifications to provide our customers with a complete service of all equipment. For example I will service a customer’s Fire Alarm System, Emergency Lighting and Extinguisher in one site visit with help from my Trainee Engineer. This one visit causes less disruption, saves money and reduces administration

  • Amelia Wood

    Service Engineer
    We build long term relationships with our customers and their sites. We provide a hassle free service by having dedicated engineers per sites so that you don’t have a different engineer for each visit who you have to keep showing around. We also spend a lot of time creating equipment location records for our service database so that we can be thorough and ensure all of the systems are tested and inspected to the relevant British Standard.