Siemens Tech PartnerWidely regarded as the most advanced fire alarm system in the world, the Cerberus Pro system we are able to provide offers a genuine, gimmick free ‘no false alarm guarantee’. Due to the incredible ‘ASA Technology’ of their detectors, the system can recognise up to 5,000 different false alarm scenarios. In simple terms, it can tell the difference between lightly burnt toast – and a genuine fire.

Cerberus Pro has been tested and proven in a variety of conditions. For example, in a large Halls of Residence at a University – the Cerberus Pro system was installed to replace an older system from a major manufacturer that was repeatedly false alarming and was an immediate success.

Cerberus Pro recognises a huge range of different elements of false alarms that have been known to trigger fire alarms falsely. Steam from a shower, pans left boiling on the hob, burnt toast, deodorant, hairspray – even joss sticks. All have been known to trigger fire alarm systems unnecessarily.

Cerberus Pro knows the difference – and won’t false alarm. It will identify the issue and monitor it – and will only raise the alarm if it is a real fire. That means that with a Siemens Cerberus Pro system fitted – when you hear the alarm – there is a fire. It’s as simple as that. Ask us about a demonstration of this industry leading system.