We’ve got over decades of experience designing, installing and maintaining thousands of fire systems and many satisfied customers who trust our knowledge, reliability and punctuality on sites.

Whether it is the initial design, system maintenance, full installation or a supply and commission – we have the knowledge and experience to deliver a first class solution for you. Whether it’s a small office, 600 bedroom hotel or large industrial site needing a fire alarm protection – we can ensure that the whole project is managed seamlessly from start to finish.

As an independent company we can offer a wide range of solutions and equipment to suit your risk and budget. We offer hard wired and wireless solutions for fire systems manufactures like Kentec and Hochiki and we also partner with SIEMENS. We also work with a wide range of fire alarm systems every day.

Manufacturers we can service and support for regular maintenance and installation include GENT, Advanced, C-Tec, Protec, Kentec, Ziton, Chubb, ADT, Minerva, Rafiki, Hochiki, Apollo, Morley and many more. We’re able to ensure that the system is properly tested and maintained in line with the requirements of the Fire Safety Order 2005.

We work to the highest standards within our industry and we are proud of our BAFE SP203 quality accreditation, ISO 9001 management systems accreditation and customer testimonials. Due to our external accreditations we can be externally audited on any job at any time – so the standards we work to must remain consistently high – every time.

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It is a requirement to comply with legislation, risk assessments, insurance and local licensing authorities to have a fire alarm system installed, serviced and maintained in the non-domestic premises within the UK.

So contact us today and we can organise a free, no obligation survey of your premises to ensure that you have a free of charge discussion with one of our team.

Siemens Cerberus Pro

A fire alarm is just a fire alarm isn’t it? Think again. We are proud to be technical partners with Siemens and their Building Technologies division.

As a result, this means our company has had the full sales, installation and maintenance training on the Siemens Cerberus Pro fire alarm system.

Widely regarded as the most advanced fire alarm system in the world, the Cerberus Pro system offers a genuine, gimmick free ‘no false alarm guarantee’. Due to the incredible ‘ASA Technology’ of their detectors, the system can recognise up to 5,000 different false alarm scenarios. In simple terms, it can tell the difference between lightly burnt toast – and a genuine fire.

Cerberus Pro has been tested and proven in a variety of conditions. For example, in a large Halls of Residence at a University – the system was installed to replace an older system from a major manufacturer that was repeatedly false alarming.

Cerberus Pro recognises a huge range of different elements that have been known to trigger fire alarms falsely. Steam from a shower, pans left boiling on the hob, burnt toast, deodorant, hairspray – even joss sticks. All have been known to trigger fire alarm systems.

Cerberus Pro knows the difference – and won’t false alarm. It will identify the issue and monitor it – but it won’t immediately raise the alarm. That means that with a Siemens Cerberus Pro system fitted – when you hear the alarm – there is a fire. It’s as simple as that. Ask us about a demonstration of this industry leading system.