Our Engineers replaced the entire fire alarm system installed at a national companies HQ, in Stratford Upon Avon in one weekend.

The engineers started onsite on Friday at 6pm and worked day and night until the early hours of Monday morning to ensure the system was replaced and the new system was fully operational for staff to return to work Monday morning.

Our engineers replaced over 500 smoke and heat detectors, 75 red fire alarm call points as well as the main control panels. The fire alarm devices were located throughout the building, including riser cupboards, the under croft below the lower ground floor, plant rooms and many other hidden places in the building.

It was absolutely essential that every old fire alarm device was found and replaced otherwise it would have meant the fire alarm system would not be operational for Monday morning and could cause false activations.

With plenty of hot drinks and deliveries of food ….. the engineers powered through the weekend to replace the system in record time.

The project had been planned six months in advance the new fire alarm system will provide 24 hour protection to the building and occupants for the next 30 years.

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