Today our Management Team, Ed Stallard, Shari Hensel, Vicky Gabb, Lynn De Backer and Aaron Longstreth came together to authenticate our Environmental Policy for 2018. We are committed to reducing the negative impact of our organisations activities on the environment.

We will be measuring and recording the key environmental and social statistics of our organisations activities to create SMART (significant, motivational, achievable, realistic and timely) targets for the year to reduce our negative affect on the environment and local community.

We will be looking at how we dispose of our waste and really thinking about the impact of this, we are really keen as a company to get this right and see the benefits of doing so. This of course, won’t just be coming from the management team, we will also ensure our Engineers out on the roads will ‘buy in’ to this incentive as much as our team in the office.

Ed Stallard, Managing Director said ‘I am really keen on getting my team involved in this, we will be having monthly meetings to discuss how we are doing and will be ensuring this isn’t just a tick in the box policy, this is a team effort and I believe we can make a huge difference!’

In the policy we will be looking at our use of products and how we can continually improve and monitor our environmental performance. We will be ensuring our suppliers and or  sub-contractors have an Environmental Policy in place. One key factor is our Energy and Water usage, we believe this is a huge change to be made.

In the Summer, we will be signing up to The Planet Mark and we are looking forward to getting involved in such a promising incentive.